Excited that you made it here.

The first thing to know about me and my own unique alchemy, is that I am here as my most activated, on purpose and aligned self, when I get to see other souls ILLUMINATE around me - by my own design I am here to teach you how YOU are here to express and show up to life.


"seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination".​ 

I LOVE alchemising an understanding of energy, Human Design, the teachings of yoga, the power of behavioural + mindset change, and mastering sovereignty to give you the tools to step into your own mastery and most authentic self.

I have always taught, and still do, that there is no fast tracked way to growth, or any one way or method to 'get there'. In my immersion (and borderline Virgo / Manifestor, obsession!) into learning about my own processes and subtle workings, I am able to work from an incredibly intuitive place to be able to tap into your unique energy to help create the most empowered roadmap uniquely for YOU.

My intention with every single offering is simple: to guide you to illuminate your unique super powers and awaken to all that you came here to be in this life.

You, my love, are absolutely bloody magnetic, expansive, and deep down in there you know that are able to thrive (it's our most natural state before the world got to us and taught us how not to). 

So, once more, I invite you.

Let's activate your magic.

some beautiful words from soul clients:

"Thank you for sharing this with me and for bringing your life’s work (rather, lifetimes work) to me in these sessions. They have been invaluable to me. I have viewed them as a soul commitment to this newly discovered depth. They have offered me that platform to uncover my souls remembrance and fortify the path I’m on. Which we already intuitively know right… but sometimes you need those winks form the universe to fine tune everything don’t you?
These session have helped me to become SO BLOODY clear on what I need in order to thrive and to show up, how to bring back my power in my own game and become so clear on how I can share my gifts to the world. They’ve helped me to understand my own internal seasons & shadow too…
Lady, I just bloody adore the healthy sprinkling of real badass rawness you add to this sometimes fluffy and ‘super spiritual’ industry.

You are a gift to the world. Thank you for everything that you have reflected back to me."

- Hannah

Magnetic Membership

Monthly practises, rituals, meditations.

Alchemy of You

Self - paced self discovery programme using energetics, journalling and practises to activate your magic.


Private Coaching

To be added to my waiting list for private journeying clients, please email me at [email protected]